Do you feel stuck? Have you reached a point in your life where you are feeling stuck in your job or your relationship? Thinking maybe it is time for a change? Sometimes it is hard to see a positive solution when you are stuck in your own head. It may feel like there are no options, or like the only options are go or stay (this is called “black or white thinking”). In therapy, you can explore an issue from all angles, get a fresh perspective, and hopefully have a paradigm shift that helps you “get unstuck.” Sometimes a radical change is not needed. Moving to a new office, socializing with new coworkers, or trying a new activity with your partner might be the thing you need to make things feel exciting again.

The type of therapy I practice is called cognitive behavioral therapy. It helps identify thought distortions such as black or white thinking, blowing things out of proportion, minimizing the positives, and other things we tend to do when we are thinking negatively. If you are feeling stuck and unable to get out of it on your own, feel free to get in touch for an appointment here.