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What is a Neuropsychologist?

A neuropsychologist is a doctor of clinical psychology who has specialized additional training in neuroscience, brain physiology, and neuroanatomy. Dr. Kimberly Miller, PhD, ABPP is board-certified in clinical neuropsychology, meaning she has passed additional examinations certifying her expertise in neuropsychology. The purpose of a neuropsychological evaluation is to help figure out whether a person is having difficulty in any of the following areas:

  • Attention
  • Learning and Memory
  • Multi-tasking, Reasoning and Problem-solving skills (known as Executive Functions)
  • Visual Processing
  • Speeded Processing

Who needs a Neuropsychological evaluation?

A neuropsychological evaluation is more extensive than regular psychological testing. Healthy Mind Sacramento offers both psychological and neuropsychological testing with our neuropsychologists. Typically, neuropsychological testing is needed in the following situations:

  • To determine thinking strengths/weaknesses in epilepsy and other brain conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis
  • To diagnosis dementia and mild cognitive impairment
  • After a brain injury or stroke, to assess for deficits and help develop a treatment plan
  • When a psychological evaluation for ADHD or learning disorder has not answered all the questions
  • When significant mental health issues have persisted despite going to multiple doctors and trying different treatments. Neuropsychological and personality testing can help with figuring out the correct diagnosis.

What does a Neuropsychological evaluation involve?

A neuropsychological evaluation at Healthy Mind Sacramento typically involves an intake interview, plus one or two half-days of testing. The testing is paper-and-pencil and verbal. People who enjoy “brain teasers” or mental puzzles may like the testing process. Many people report the testing process is interesting, but most also report that it is challenging.

Our neuropsychologists have lifespan experience, offering neuropsychological evaluations for kids, teens, adults, and older adults.

What happens after the Neuropsychological evaluation?

After the neuropsychological evaluation, you will return 2-3 weeks later for a feedback session to go over you or your child’s results. Results are explained in a way that is digestible and all your questions can be answered at this time. Additionally, a comprehensive report will be provided. This report can be given to school or work if needed, or faxed to your doctor at your request.

How do I choose a Neuropsychologist in Sacramento?

A neuropsychologist is someone who completed their doctorate in psychology, completed an internship with neuropsychology emphasis, then did an additional fellowship in neuropsychology. Not all psychologists have specialized training in the brain as neuropsychologists do. Dr. Miller is a board-certified neuropsychologist, meaning she has met additional rigorous qualification guidelines as an expert in neuropsychology.

If you would like to learn if a neuropsychological evaluation at Healthy Mind Sacramento is the right choice for you, please get in touch here.

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