Sometimes patients present with complex issues. Psychological testing can be valuable for primary care doctors, neurologists, therapists, and those working with children for specialized behavioral services.

When testing can be invaluable for children…

  • Helping figure out whether a child has ADHD, autism, or other emotional and behavioral issues
  • Determining whether a child qualifies for ABA or Alta regional services due to autism spectrum disorder
  • Determining whether ADHD medication would be appropriate
  • Developing appropriate school accommodations

When neuropsychological testing for adults is indicated:

  • When a person has sustained a head injury and is still experiencing cognitive or memory issues weeks or months later
  • computer at Healthy Mind Sacramento psychological servicesTo determine if an older person has mild cognitive impairment or dementia
  • To assess for cognitive deficits after a stroke
  • To assess for deficits due to epilepsy, medical conditions (e.g. MS, Parkinson’s), or surgeries

How testing can help psychotherapists:

  • Testing can help determine if your patient is experiencing neurological or mental health issues, or a combination of both
  • Testing can determine if your patient is experiencing ADHD or anxiety
  • Testing can help figure out if your patient is on the autism spectrum or if mental health issues can account for symptoms

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