I’m Dr. Kimberly Miller, a practicing Sacramento neuropsychologist. A neuropsychologist is a doctor of clinical psychology who has specialized additional training in neuroscience, brain physiology, and neuroanatomy. Neuropsychologists also have expertise in different neurological disorders. Neuropsychologists also have expertise on how the brain affects mood (depression and anxiety), learning, memory, attention, and thinking. I specialize in assessment and treatment in the following areas:


Autism spectrum disorders

Anxiety (Child/Teen,  Adult)

Traumatic Brain Injury


Therapy with a Neuropsychologist vs Psychologist

Why go to a neuropsychologist instead of a generalist clinical psychologist for therapy? As a practicing Sacramento neuropsychologist, I was frustrated when I saw patients at my hospital-based practice and did not have a therapist to refer them to who understood their complex issues. A neuropsychologist has a strong understanding of the brain, learning, memory, attention, and how medical problems can impact theses processes.

People with medical problems are also likely to have mood issues. This may be because their medical problem directly affects their brain circuitry, causing anxiety or depression. It may also be because having the medical problems is activity-restricting and creating a depressing situation to be in. When your therapist is a neuropsychologist, you can work together to target the core issue knowing that your medical problems and all the ways they impact you are fully understood and appreciated.

Getting in touch


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