Neuropsychological/Psychological Assessment: Evaluations cost $1750-4000 for most full evaluations, based on hours of assessment. Please get in touch here to request rate for type of evaluation you need specifically, as different types of assessment differ greatly in complexity. Payments may be broken down into 2-3 payments (one at each session).

Psychotherapy/ Cognitive Rehabilitation: $205/ 50 min

Initial Psychotherapy/ Cog Rehab Consultation: $250/ 60 min

Parent Clarity Consultation (for parents of children ages 6-17): $300/ 60 min-Sometimes you know your child is struggling, but you don’t know exactly what type of help they need. The purpose of this consultation is to help point you in the right direction, whether it be deciding upon an evaluation, getting support with school, or therapy. You will have a Zoom meeting with me to go over concerns regarding your child’s behaviors, development, or school performance. This is not a diagnostic evaluation, but rather a consultation to help you decide what next steps to take. Cost is applied towards any subsequent evaluation of your child.

If you have PPO insurance, I am an out-of-network provider and can provide you with a claim to submit for reimbursement. I cannot guarantee your insurance company will reimburse you.

Payments Accepted: Check, Cash, credit card, FSA/HSA cards

To schedule or find out more information, get in touch here.