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Some people benefit from an approach called cognitive rehabilitation. In particular, people with ADHD, autism spectrum, history of traumatic brain injury, prior stroke, mild cognitive impairment, and other neurological conditions may benefit from cognitive rehabilitation. Other times, people want to learn how to keep their mind sharp as they age. Cognitive rehabilitation helps you maximize your full mind potential.

Healthy Mind Sacramento Cognitive Rehabilitation Treatment

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes one area of the brain is not working as well as it should be or used to be. At Healthy Mind Sacramento, cognitive rehabilitation will teach you two important strategies:

  • Remediation: helping the area of the brain that is having problems work better, by maximizing what you’ve got!
  • Compensation: using other, stronger areas of the brain to compensate for your weaker area

As an example, let’s say memory and attention are not your best areas. After an assessment, we may help you to:

  • prioritize your key tasks to do them when you are most fresh
  • form a plan to de-clutter your workspace
  • help you learn skills to focus better
  • decrease the load on your memory, to free up space
  • help you create a great organization system around your home and your workplace

We work with you to create a tailored, individualized plan just for you. We have expertise in assessment of memory and cognitive difficulties.

What happens when I come in for treatment?

When we work together to maximize your cognitive strengths, your psychologists will typically first take an inventory of problem areas. They will also find out what strategies you are already using. In some cases, they may perform some brief neuropsychological testing with you. This may be a few tests of attention or memory, for example. They may ask also you to complete a few questionnaires inquiring about areas of specific difficulty. Once your provider has a clear picture of when and where you are struggling, the fun part begins! You will work together to help you learn new strategies to function better in daily life.

How long does treatment take?

One great thing about Healthy Mind Sacramento cognitive rehabilitation treatment is that once you have learned the skills and strategies, most people are able to implement them on their own in daily life and continue to benefit from the treatment after it is over. We typically see patients for a total of 4-8 sessions, so the time commitment is brief!

If you think you would benefit, get in touch here!

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