Anxiety is one of the most common types of issues we see. There are many different types of anxiety issues people can have, so we will focus of some of the most prevalent. We will then discuss Sacramento anxiety therapy options.

Panic Attacks

Some people have panic attacks that happen in certain situations (for example, in small spaces, on bridges, in elevators), or just out of the blue. Here are some common symptoms of a panic attack:
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  • rapid heart beating
  • sweating
  • face flushing or turning red
  • difficulty breathing
  • fear you are having a heart attack or dying
  • shaking
  • pain in your chest
  • chills or hot flashes
  • fear of going crazy or losing control

Some people have been to the emergency room one or more times, and found out their symptoms were due to a panic attack. This shows how strong the symptoms can feel when you are experiencing them! Panic attacks generally are over in a few minutes, although it may feel like forever while you are going through one.

Avoidant Behavior

Some people start to worry that they are going to experience another panic attack. This leads them to avoid certain places or situations where they think they are more likely to experience a panic attack. When this happens, it is a sign that the fear of panic attacks is gaining control of your behavior and it is probably time to seek help. In the most severe cases, people can become afraid to leave their home.


Another common type of anxiety issue I see is phobias. These are easily treatable. A person can have a specific phobia of an animal, or of blood, or of a place. Social phobia is also quite common. It involves feeling anxiety in social situations, big gatherings where you may not know people, or when public speaking is involved.

What if I’m just a worrier?

Some people are more naturally anxious than others. You may have been told by your family or your co-workers that you are a “worry wart.” This is actually no big deal if it does not bother you or interfere with your life. However, if worrying is interrupting your sleep, causing you trouble with getting things done, causing you to pick at your hair or skin, or causing you to overeat, it may be problematic worrying.

Healthy Mind Sacramento Anxiety Therapy

If your anxiety is fairly mild, we first recommend cutting out caffeine from your diet (which can increase anxiety) and building in exercise to your week, which helps to relieve stress. If you are still bothered by anxiety, it may be time to consider therapy.

For all types of anxiety, we use a cognitive behavioral approach. However, the exact treatment is slightly different depending on what type of anxiety you are experiencing. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your specific situation.